slim.simulation.config module

class slim.simulation.config.Config(config_file: str, simulation_dir: str, **kwargs)

Bases: slim.simulation.config.RuntimeConfig

One-stop class to hold constants, farm setup and other settings.

Read the configuration from files

  • config_file (string) – Path to the environment JSON file

  • simulation_dir – path to the simulator parameters JSON file

  • override_params – options that override the config

  • save_rate – if not null it determines how often (in terms of days) the simulator saves the state.

static generate_argparse_from_config(cfg_schema_path: str, simulation_schema_path: str)
get_treatment(treatment_type: Treatment) TreatmentParams
slim.simulation.config.to_dt(string_date) datetime.datetime

Convert from string date to datetime date


string_date (str) – Date as string timestamp


Date as Datetime

Return type